Call for Papers.

Each chosen speaker and the person conducting the workshop will receive:
- PHPers Summit 2020 ticket allowing participation in the conference and afterparty,
- starter pack with a t-shirt and PHPers`s elephant,
- accommodation for 2 nights for speakers giving a talk (3 nights for speakers hosting a workshop)*,
- reimbursement of travel costs up to 200 EUR gross for abroad speakers (up to 200PLN for domicile speakers travel)*

* Here is a deal! If your company can pay for your flight and accommodation, it will be listed together with Bronze sponsors.

It is possible to submit several proposals by one person. International speakers are encouraged to send their proposals, but because of budget limitations, we will be able to only accept a limited number of speakers from outside the country.

Lectures and workshops should not contain advertisements.

Rooms will be equipped with: wireless microphone, in-ear microphone, projector (1 or a few),
sound system, rostrum on which you can put a laptop / notes, cables to connect a laptop (HDMI, USB-C, Thunderbolt), wireless remote control to switch between slides. Internal laptops will also be available.

Rooms will be equipped with: projector, clipboard with markers, wi-fi, desks and chairs, extension cords.

Safe place!
PHPers Summit is committed to creating a conference that is as inclusive as possible. We want to showcase talent available around Poland and welcome international submissions as well.
We are also committed to ensuring the conference is a place where ideas are exchanged, old friends get together, new friends meet and harassment is not tolerated. We expect speakers, attendees and sponsor representatives to be professional and courteous to each other. We reserve the right to remove, without refund, ANY attendee (speaker or otherwise) who is unable to adhere to this policy.