at phpers
Share your knowledge and experience from the stage of the biggest PHP event in Poland!
Workshops June 20st, Conference June 21st in Poznań
21st/ June /2024 Poznań
We are waiting for your application until 01st / April / 24! For international speakers, CFP open until 15th / March / 24.
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ticket for the conference and PHPers Summit afterparty
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starter-pack: Set of gifts
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1 night for each speaker, 2 nights for workshop leaders
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travel cost reimbursement within the country up to 400 PLN gross for speakers traveling from Poland and 300 EUR gross for speakers traveling from abroad

conference room equipment !

  • wireless microphone
  • in-ear microphone
  • projector (min. 1)
  • sound system
  • lectern with a shelf for a laptop/notes
  • necessary cables (HDMI, USB-C, Thunderbolt)
  • wireless slide changer
  • possibility to use an internal laptop

workshop room equipment !

  • wifi
  • projector (min. 1)
  • clipboard and markers
  • desks and chairs
  • extension cords and power strips

safe space !

  • we exclude no one
  • we freely exchange ideas and opinions
  • we show mutual respect
  • we adhere to cultural norms
  • we are courteous and professional
  • we do not offend
  • we do not discriminate
Do not follow the above rules? If you break these rules you can say goodbye to participating in the event immediately, without the right to refund any costs!

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